Recruitment and selection (Talent Hunter)

We are not just a job posting portal, we have the tool that will help you throughout the recruitment and selection process, a true talent management tool.

Automatic pre-selection of candidates

Use our candidate pre-screening tool to find the right candidates to find the right candidates for your vacancies, the system assigns a score to each candidate based on the matching system assigns a score to each candidate based on the matching criteria and the weight you assign to each criteria.

Create vacancies with mandatory and optional profiles

With our tool you can publish vacancies to which only candidates with the profile you define can apply either optionally or mandatory.

Consult the candidates that apply to your vacancies

Consult the available job offers in our database that match the profile of your position, send notifications, add notes, tags, view CVs, view their history in selection processes for other vacancies, all from a single screen.

Send mass mailings to candidates

You can choose from among the candidates applied to vacancies and send mass mailings, just choose the candidates and add the notes you want to include.

Questionnaires to evaluate pre-selected bidders

Creates questionnaire templates with open or closed questions to be assigned to shortlisted candidates to be filled out, the recruiter can continue with the selection process or discard the candidate based on the results of the evaluations.

Labor and personal references

Record the information of labor and personal references of bidders, you can create questionnaires with open or closed questions to obtain the information you need.

Control panel

You can see a summary of statistics on vacancies applied for, job applications registered, candidates in the selection process, candidates hired, among others.

Analytical reports

Evaluate the efficiency of your recruitment and selection process, generate comparative reports between candidates, recruitment matrix, application charts by area of expertise, among other reports. All queries and reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and other formats.